The Family Storehouse is a ‘referral only’ service for family’s.

It’s purpose is to support those who have been recognised through a referring agency, as requiring help with their young children. We partner with health visitors, school education officers, children’s centres, social workers, and those new to the UK.

Due to the nature of this session, we do not have general admission. This is to help safeguard the adults and children in our care. To avoid over-crowding, we offer a small crèche under parental supervision, children’s breakfast, and access to the Foodbank. All of our produce and groceries are donated from local businesses and can vary in nature from week to week. We aim to be able to provide nappies and provisions for the children which are not accessible at other times.

During the year, various agencies offer support through linking parents to the services available to them in Southend on Sea, through the children’s centres, and through group activities such as supportive reading and literacy, breastfeeding advice, health screening, basic cooking skills… if there are groups who could offer training to parents of children of this age group, please contact the church office on 01702 612900.

To use the Family Storehouse Service a referral is required. This can be obtained from local children’s centres.

The Family Storehouse is open every Wednesday 9:30-11:30am @ Coleman Street Community Centre, Coleman Street, Southend, SS2 5AW.

Family Storehouse vision and objectives…

  • to meet more family specific needs
  • to provide an opportunity for a “mums and toddlers” group in a relaxed environment
  • to model interacting/playing with children and to share activities the parents can use at home
  • to meet other parents and families
  • to provide  opportunities for other agencies to visit and to mix and mingle with the service users
  • to provide an opportunity to offer taster sessions for parents on different topics e.g. healthy eating, how to deal with the terrible 2s; breast feeding advice
  • to act as a signpost for other agencies, e.g. local children’s centres.

For more information, please contact:

Sam Vincett:  01702 612900 .